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Raffles Milano | Istituto Moda e Design

Leica Akademie Italy

The Ur-Leica, first 35mm camera

Close to Duomo di Milano, next to top galleries and museums of Milano, in Via Giuseppe Mangoni 4, you will find the gallery-store of Leica Akademie Italy, a must-visit photography spot in Milano. The gallery has a lot to offer to those interested in photography and even just the passers-by. It accommodates a photography bookstore, an exhibition area with works of great masters and young photographers, and a store of Leica camera with rather non-ordinary services.

Leica Akademie was founded in Italy in 2012 with stores in Firenze, Roma, Bologna, Torino and the only gallery in all over Italy in…

Milano - it is not Roma, nor Firenze or Venezia, not even a truly Italian city as many say. Milano is Milano and it takes an effort to love it.

They say … Roma is type of a woman you fall in love immediately, losing your head in the abundance of beauty, Milano is the type to be discovered from within. Love for Milano is conscious, sensible and mature.

Many know it as “a city of fashion design and fashion shows” and I bet, that is the first thing that came to your mind.

Let me object, saying that it…

Raffles Milano | Istituto Moda e Design

Raffles Milano is a Fashion and Design School with Master and 3- year programs. A school with an unconventional spirit and an untraditional teaching method.

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